Solo chi ha vissuto la malattia sulla propria persona o un loro caro, può comprendere quanto poco si possa fare e quanto invece HANNO BISOGNO, LE PERSONE INTERESSATE, DI AIUTO VERO, CONCRETO. Vivere accanto a un malato simile ti distrugge perché diventi consapevole di non poter dare e fare nulla se non COLMARLO DI UN AFFETTO IMMENSO e sorridergli mentre lo imbocchi e stringergli le mani che cerca di nasconderti per non farti vedere quanto tremano, mentre dentro piangi amare lacrime e ti sanguina il cuore. Mio padre aveva questa tremenda malattia negli ultimi anni della sua vita, SOLO IO POSSO DIRVI QUELLO CHE PROVAVA E COSA E QUANTO ABBIAMO SOFFERTO INSIEME. Vi prego: firmate questa petizione, E’ IMPORTANTISSIMO!!!

Only those who have experienced the illness on their own person or their loved ones can understand how little they can and how much they NEED NEED, PEOPLE INTERESTED, TRUE, BETTER HELP. Living alongside a similar illness destroys you so that he becomes aware that he can not give and do anything unless he seizes him with an imitation and smiles as he clings to him and stretches out his hands trying to hide you so as not to let you see how much they tremble while in tears crying tears And your heart bleeds. My dad had this tremendous illness in the last years of his life, ONLY I CAN CREATE YOU WHO HAD AND WHAT WE ARE AND WE HAVE SOON TO DO. Please sign this petition, it is IMPORTANT!



A Glympse – George Onsy

Galaktika Poetike "ATUNIS"

all poets are my lovers [males /females], they are not to be meagre seeds, but rather some spring sprouts clamouring their vines to reach an endless end; i have a need to hear not only his tickling ink voices, but also to chew the “unreal”, the intractable… i need to be dragged to utterance than into analysis; i need to be bolted dazed into a paralytic plane… when i meet a person, i catch his eyes… read what it says, dissect its movements, imprison its thoughts, dig deeper into its structural despot_thereby, my imagination starts to paint sculpt draw a discursive portrait! _Maelan Koia Sydney 2017
George Onsy, an Egyptian, a classic Ulysses,
“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield”,
a sublime artist
an articulate author
a philosopher
a mystic poet
a sincere friend
not to forget
a lover of beauty and lovely soul

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