June 2, 2014 : I remember Manuele Braj , lance-corporal killed in Afghanistan

The funeral of Manuel Braj , who was killed June 25, 2012

I listened earlier transmission ” DOOR TO DOOR ” and spoke of the Carabinieri and I’m really angry : you have to wait to talk about this date ?
Why do not you do it more often?
Why would you expect these recurrences or death of these ” OUR CHILDREN ” to do it?
They are one of the many Italian mothers of these heroes in Italy and elsewhere do their duty with courage and contempt of danger . My son missions of Peace has made ​​12 and I got sick of heart and I had a stroke , my son always told me ” Mom calm , all is well here .”
No mother , no wife to say NEVER hear from your son , from one’s spouse ” here is dangerous and every moment in danger of losing his life.”
Who has a joint mission will feel always say that it must do so for the sake of people who suffer sorprusi and violence, that they need help , they have nothing and they start to give a glimmer of hope and practical help to people in despair and alone.
Manuel was also one of these young policemen who loved his job , which he started with so much hope and joy in my heart to do his duty, which was also what I’ve heard too many times to mention .
Manuel, Salento, and a friend of my son was about to leave for his mission , came to see us every time coming down from Gorizia and asked us if we wanted to send something to our son , his friend Gigi and every time you stracaricava the machine , even when we said – enough, the car is too full , you must also carry out your stuff – and he always – no , do not worry it goes, it goes in the car.
The last time I came to see was a few days before his death in Afghanistan, he told me he was leaving in two days and I felt that he, too, as was my son , I told him – Manu , do not go , you so dangerous to be there , please renunciation.
He looked at me with such sweetness I had answered – no, you’re calm , we are there only to help the poor and hungry people of those lands, we’re not going to fight , ours is a mission of peace, not war.
I had embraced as one embraces a child and I was greeted urging him to be careful not to expose themselves to danger …
Manu was a boy serene, calm , sweet, always smiling, loved life and loved his family , he left with a smile , is back in a coffin covered by the Italian flag !
A Manu and all the young policemen who lost their youth , their lives for the sake of people who did not even know our prayers and ALWAYS OUR ETERNAL THANKS !
That day he became another of our wonderful Italian heroes

HELLO , SWEET BOY … (dedicated to Manuele Braj , who was killed in Afghanistan June 25, 2012 )
The death does not feel and do not wait,
stretching his sickle on the earth
do not look at your face , Mowing
and do not you ask who cuts
l ‘ slender thread of life …
Mowing between the rows of life,
Mowing and no matter who you are,
how old are you , if you deserve this ,
it might graziarti ,
you who already have experienced many painful cuts
on your shoulder weak , so strong
to give you the courage to face
this ” crappy life ” that always,
that time has taken away and you in silence ,
heart in my throat , tears hidden
you went forward, with strength,
with courage and did not know that the cowardly
cruel death was there waiting …
Let us remember our brave sons more often and not just police June 2 and not only when they come wrapped in the flag !

Maria Teresa Manta
June 3, 2014


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